Beautiful Architectural Trench (Channel) Gratings

Jonite specialises in the design of architectural products such as stone grates, decorative pool grates, street furniture, and decorative grates. We have more than two decades of experience in providing detailed and exquisite craftsmanship to enhance the overall beauty of a landscape. Our products feature a wide range of textures and colours that are aligned with the vision of international architects and designers. We also understand the need for environmental sustainability. Jonite products are certified as MR Credit 4: Recycled Content under LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The LEED® Green Building Rating System is a widely used criterion when it comes to assessing the design, construction and operation of high-performance green building in the United States of America (USA).



Trench drains are a form of floor drains that typically comes in a trough or channel-like shape. They facilitate the evacuation of surface liquid to ensure that water or chemical is kept to a minimal on land. While grates and grilles cover most trench drains, not all rainwater drains can be covered, preventing water from flowing into proper catchment areas due to the accumulation of debris and litter. This eventually leads to flooding.

Trench gratings act as drain covers and can be found in both indoor and outdoor areas from toilets to low-lying areas across driveways. They filter liquid from solid by allowing only water to flow into drains. Besides deterring floods, trench grates play an integral role in preventing standing water from causing structural damage. This includes cracks on walls and the ground caused by water pressure, corrosion of building materials as well as freeze-thaw issues. Ponding also occurs when water gathers in a non-specified water collection area. Other effects include hydroplaning from the buildup of water between vehicle wheels and the road surface, delaying a vehicle’s control input due to reduced friction. Trench grates solve these issues by collecting large amounts of rainwater and directing them into proper catchment areas. They are thus key in building and road construction planning.


Trench drain covers are one of many forms of drain gratings. Here at Jonite, we offer customised quality gratings like floor traps, pool grates, sump covers, toilet grates, tree grates and even street furniture. Unlike your conventional steel and cast iron grates and castings, our products are created using natural stone reinforced and designed with precision and exquisite craftsmanship. The following are some of the grating products provided by Jonite.


Most cities in the present day are equipped with well-managed and functioning sanitation. Floor traps are a prominent feature in these modern day cities. At Jonite, waterproofing is integral in our floor trap designs as is the prevention of insects and foul air. We strive to attain a cleaner environment by using PVC strainers and retainers within our floor traps. We believe that while practicality is key, Jonite also aims to bring architectural aesthetics to greater heights by designing floor traps that effortlessly blends into any flooring. Hence our floor traps are devised to meet its basic functionality as a part of the drainage system while retaining the overall look of a structural floor.


Swimming pools can be found in private clubs, health clubs, fitness centers, community centers and private pools in residential or commercial settings. It is where we convene for recreational or training purposes. Today, swimming pools have gone from being a basic amenity to playing a role in shaping the beauty of its surroundings. Jonite’s pool grates contribute to an alluring landscape with its impressive appearance and natural granite-like superiority. Our pool grates are made up of slip-resistant materials making it suitable for all demographics within wet areas. The small elliptical holes of baby pebbles and thin slit slots of chiseled rain present in Jonite’s pool grates also mitigates the chances of young children catching their toes between the grating. Unlike other pool grating’s that consist of natural granite and stone slabs, our products are able to maintain their colour despite frequent contact with water due to its 0.5% low water absorption.


Much like in Roman times, Jonite uses a stone material for our sump covers by incorporating modern technologies and outstanding craftsmanship into our products. Jonite’s sump covers are tailored for point drainage systems, intermediaries of long open-channel drainage and kerb-side drainage. They come in a variety of standard sizes constructed by adding Jonite splines to create huge covers that are both cost-effective and sustainable. Large sump covers can also be made using metal sub-frames. Jonite does not compromise on quality as we engineer our sump covers to hold the required loading. They are also devised to last a lifetime due to their anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. Trimmer frames can be added on to both our heavy-duty channels and sump covers as part of Jonite’s vision to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.


Jonite toilet grates not only serve their purpose of dispersing liquid waste but also change but have also reinvented the entire landscape of public toilets with its specially crafted natural stone textures. Found in urinals, cubicles, and washbasins, our toilet gratings come with a rounded curve profile and an anti-slip matte stone texture. They are also low-maintenance as they have low water absorbency rates, stain proof and do not need to be acid washed. At Jonite, we think of toilet gratings are more than just mere drain covers but as a rich combination of ancient history and modern technology as we incorporate contemporary designs with our natural stone grates.


Trees are an omnipresent feature in a modern city landscape that serves both aesthetical and drainage purposes. They act as nature’s “drainage system” when rainwater flows onto the ground and into the soil, firmly holding the trees and grass together. Our tree gratings are Americans With Disability Act (ADA) approved and commonly found in hospitals, clinics and residential areas since they are wheelchair friendly. Jonite’s tree grates also come with light ports or sockets available for the installation of different types of night lightings that accentuates the natural beauty of trees. Thus tree grates give architects the perfect opportunity to create a concrete jungle whereby nature and modern landscape go hand-in-hand. With a collection of designs, shapes, and sizes to choose from, Jonite tree grates blends into the cityscape while providing a conducive environment for trees to grow in.


The ubiquitous nature of trench drain covers from high traffic pedestrian areas such as parks, sidewalks and parking lots to public toilets means that the use of utilitarian drainage gates can mar the overall look of a development. With Jonite, creating landscapes that inspire is possible with our reinforced decorative stone grating services. We strike a delicate balance between articulating the beauty of nature while retaining load-bearing strength in our products.

Our use of stone material over conventional steel and cast iron grates and castings mean that Jonite’s hardscape products are less vulnerable to scrap theft. This saves you the cost and trouble of replacing the trench grates. Compared with steel and cast iron, much less carbon emission is also produced in the manufacture of stone grates.


Due to their high visibility, the use of utilitarian drainage grates can affect the overall aesthetics of a landscape. Jonite addresses this with our specially tailored and customised trench grates (drain covers), which come in a spectrum of creative and top notch designs. The collection also presents business owners and municipalities (cities and towns) with the option of engraving their logos onto the grates for branding purposes. More importantly, Jonite’s ability to blend the gratings into their surroundings serves to elevate the aesthetics of a landscape. With Jonite, drainage gratings shifted beyond their functional use into a design element.


At Jonite, we also conduct extensive research and development to combine the rustic appeal of natural stone with an uncompromising level of load-bearing strength. This is achieved through the use of specially treated steel frames in our trench gratings.

 Our products are made up of unique anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials, which are meant to last a lifetime. They also feature unrivaled slip resistance with a rough and matte surface that ensures safety for people of all ages making them ideal for schools and hospitals.

Jonite stone products are also known for their strong mechanical properties. They boast of high flexural strength, compressive strength, and impact strength alongside low water and heat absorption. These impressive qualities are a testament to the longevity of Jomite’s products. 


The main goal at Jonite is to integrate function with form and what better way to do this than to let individuals express their creativity through custom-made designs. At Jonite, international architects and designers will take your ideas along with the shapes and contours of the environment into consideration when coming up with top quality grates that will beautify the landscape. 

Jonite’s customised trench drain covers are available in both standard and an unlimited range of specialised colours that can be altered to any shade or hue. Design-wise, we calibrate our products such that they blend in with the environment. This empowers architects into making bold and imaginative statements. Specially crafted panels can also be easily enhanced into hardscape designs to produce street furniture such as original benches or seatings.

The range of perforations, textures, fusion of materials and customised designs allows us to be very flexible in tailoring our offerings. When it comes to customising Jomite’s products both indoors and outdoors, the opportunities are endless.


Environmental sustainability is one of Joomite’s core values. Our products are a result of an energy-saving and resource-conserving production aimed at ensuring the lifeline and durability of Jomite’s manufactured items. 

We use at least 20% recycled content in our trench grates. The production of stone grates similarly emits a lot less carbon compared to manufacturing steel and cast iron. This is how we earned our reputation as a producer of MR Credit 4: Recycled Content under LEED®, an American metric used to accredit high-performance green building in the nation.


Natural stone grates tend to be high-maintenance and weak in tensile strength. Our gratings, however, can sustain weights of up to more than 40 tonnes. Made from more than 95 percent of natural minerals and aggregates, Jonite’s trench drain covers are known to camouflage into their surroundings such that they do not disrupt the beauty of the landscape. We also provide you with an unlimited amount of shape, size, texture, colour, and design for you to pick from and our designers to work with in order to achieve the highest level of architectural style possible. Every design is hence unique with its own specific theme and element.

 Jonite’s products highlight the advantages of using stone grates in the creation of trench drains using stone grates. Here at Jonite, we focus on providing you with high-quality products that are both aesthetically pleasing to an overall landscape while not having to worry about the time and cost taken to replace your trench drain grates due to the durability of our offerings. Check out Jonite products here

In line with our vision of sustainability, we are committed to producing green and environmentally friendly gratings. We do so by producing our products in an energy-saving and resource-conversing manner without neglecting the longevity and quality of our trench grate products. At Jonite, we believe that all individuals share an equal responsibility in preserving our environment for future generations to live comfortably. Hence by engaging in our services, you are also supporting our corporate social responsibility in making our environment greener and more sustainable.